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Keep It Super Simple


These days everything is just too complicated. Adjustagrill believes in KISS: Keep It Super Simple! Only 3 pieces: solid stake, rugged grill, carry case. And set up in under 1 minute! Go back to simpler times, when long days were ended with good friends and fire cooked meals.


"Everything just tastes great on Adjustagrill!"

From the way it sears and flame-broils, to the easy height and rotation adjustment, grilling over fire & charcoal has never been easier or more delicious.

Portable Camp Grill Adjustagrill

Easy Adjustement

Perfect Fire Meals

Just like a knob on your stove, now you can control the heat of your campfire. The brilliant yet simple design allows for fast adjustment, allowing you to adjust cooking temperature without sticking hands or tools over fire.

Don't take our word for it


This was a replacement to a much flimsier, cheaper grill (different brand, different company) that we'd bought from Amazon. That grill had
buckled under the weight of a cast iron skillet on its first use. THIS grill, however, is sturdy and totally holds up!

Works great! on Jul 29, 2019

Moab, UT


Great grill to take anywhere. I had a problem with the storage bag and
the company replaced it. Hard to find good customer service anymore but
this company has it.

Clay on Dec 31, 2020

Twin Falls, ID


I love this grill! Went camping by myself and it worked beautifully with
three different types of fire rings. I used it with both charcoal and
wood. It was a lot easier to adjust the height than I thought it would
be and being able to quickly swing it in and out is my favorite aspect
and why I chose it. The new non-stick foil worked great and so did my
pans. The dog kept the grill cleaned off so I don't even have to wire
brush it!

Skurgi on Jul 29, 2019

Park City, UT


It is just what I was looking for. I used it this week-end to cook
chicken wings. As you can adjust the height, the cooking was perfect.

camping grill BBQ outdoor cooking
ChiknLvr on Jun 27, 2021

Sacramento, CA


I recently purchased the Adjustagrill for our Salmon fishing
trip and I can say that it was so easy to use and the cooking area is
awesome for a medium to large family. We cooked a whole salmon (minus the head and guts) on this grill and and we had room for potatoes and other vegetables. Clean up was a snap by just letting the fire burn off the food. I would recommend this product to anyone who likes to cook over an open flame. The best thing is, is it's adjustable. No more burnt
meals. Thank you Adjustagrill!

CrazyboutAlaskanSalmon on Sept 26, 2020

Port Eliza, British Columbia

Adjustagrill - Adjustagrill
Adjustagrill - Adjustagrill
Adjustagrill - Adjustagrill
Adjustagrill - Adjustagrill

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